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The felt slippers are made by one man in a small mountain village in the Polish mountains. Jerzy (George) an artisan of slippers for 40 years; is a complete gentleman and his wife bakes delicious biscuits; I am already looking forward to my next visit.

He moulds the felt and embroiders the traditional designs. Each colour way is unique and he uses the felt available at the local store so I am afraid I cannot take any requests of specific colours.

Klapki/Bambosze/Pantofle/Slippers- whatever you like to call them they are the new cool.

I am a huge fan of anything Danish; high quality and stylish. The third happiest country in the world they embrace ‘hygge’ (hue-guh), recognising moments of charm and comfort and the Poles aren’t far behind. The clothes are handmade, the toys are made of wood, the rugs and throws are made of sheepskin, the vegetables are home grown and the vodka keeps you warm.

I don’t know about you but give me a pair of slippers, trackies and a cheese board in front of a log fire over a night out in a bar which is really LOUD any day of the week. Ha, maybe that is just me.

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